Whose pledge to America do you believe?

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Today House Republican leaders unveiled “A Pledge to America” at a lumber yard in suburban Virginia.

House Republican Leader John Boehner holds a copy of "A Pledge to America" in Sterling, VA

Reaction has been swift and divided although not all along party lines.  The National Review says the Pledge “commits Republicans toward a broad conservative agenda and…make Congress more accountable, and America more prosperous.”  In addition, the Pledge is a “shrewd political document” acknowledging the push towards the November elections.  However, Erick Erickson, contributor to the blog Red State dismisses the Pledge as “a series of compromises and milquetoast rhetorical flourishes in search of unanimity among House Republicans because the House GOP does not have the fortitude to lead boldly in opposition to Barack Obama.”

No surprises on reaction from the Democratic Party which calls the Pledge “weak tea” and the White House summarizes the Pledge as:

  • Tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires by borrowing $700 billion we can’t afford;
  • Tax hikes for 110 million middle-class families and millions of small businesses;
  • Cutting rules and oversight for special interests like big oil, big insurance, credit card and mortgage companies and Wall Street banks;
  • Doing nothing to stop the outsourcing of American jobs or to end tax breaks that are given to companies that ship jobs overseas;
  • All while adding trillions to our nation’s deficit.

President Barack Obama greets guests during a discussion on health care reform in Falls Church, VA

Where do you stand on the “Pledge to America”?

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