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We’re interested in stories on video that explore the life and culture of the African American experience. If you’ve created a story on video you’d like to see published in the Black Perspectives Now section on the Basic Black broadband site, please send your idea to basic_black@wgbh.org.

Basic Black was created in 1968 during the turmoil of the civil rights movement as a response to the demand for public television programs reflecting the concerns of African Americans. Now, forty years later, in the midst of another historical political shift, the mission of Basic Black remains strong.

The historic 2008 presidential race, the reexamination of racial ideologies, the search for new black leadership, the embrace of a global citizenship, and the continuing search for solutions to pressing concerns demand a fresh examination of the black experience. Basic Black on broadband will reflect that ongoing conversation, across geographic borders and generational lines with the most current stories, interviews, and commentaries.


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  1. I’m writing to present a topical subject I think your readers wowill be able to sink their teeth into. The exciting new book “The Black Church – Where Women Pray and Men Prey” by Deborrah Cooper is based on the shocking 2010 blog post that had CNN, Al Sharpton, Michael Baisden, Michael Eric Dyson, Al Joyner and all of Black America in an uproar: The Black Church: How Black Churches Keep African American Women Single and Lonely! In her new book, Ms. Cooper continues an long needed examination of how religion is misused by unscrupulous preachers, and the games charlatans posing as men of God use to prey on women and children.

    It’s a tough read and not everyone will have the stomach for it. Some women are afraid of what they might find when they pull back the curtain, and thus aren’t willing to question the behavior of the men leading their church. Others fear that Ms. Cooper is attacking God or Jesus, attacking their church or their beloved pastor. There is no need for anyone to be afraid of the truth. Good pastors welcome examination because they know they will pass all scrutiny with flying colors; those that are afraid of scrutiny have much to hide.

    For those women brave enough to take a look at what is going on at their churches, and who are strong enough to demand protection from predatory men for women and children within the walls of the House of God, this book is right on time. And for the black women and children that have personally experienced the travesties of which the author writes, the book validates their reality and gives them a voice with which they can demand change.

    Ms. Cooper is available for interviews over the next 30 days. Please submit your written request on the website below, or by calling 510-863-0320.

    Book Website: http://www.womenpraymenprey.com

  2. When does the show come back on in 2012?

    • Hi Ayo,
      Basic Black returns for its new season October 19.

  3. The real story needs to be told!

  4. I looking for a way to respond to the ‘role model’ issue on the most recent episode of 05-15-2015. Who would be a better ‘role model’: Tom Brady, or Lee Atwater (who once gave an event in honor of Atwater).? JMC Providence

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