“You’re Pretty For A Dark Skinned Girl…”

June 1, 2011 at 3:41 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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No one has ever said this to my face, but I did have a supervisor many years ago (not a person of color and not at my current workplace!) remark to me that I was lucky that my skin tone allowed me to wear so many colors (never mind the fact that I never wore pink or yellow, but anyway…).

Dark Girls is a documentary film scheduled to be released in the fall/winter of 2011.  It’s directed by Bill Duke (who also directed the 1997 film Hoodlum) and D. Channsin Berry.  This trailer has been seen widely across the internet and just as hotly debated as its focus is on the lives, myths, perceptions and experiences of dark-skinned women.

This film seems to be talking to the black community as much as it is the larger community.  If you didn’t hear the terms growing up, they certainly abounded in any black literature course: high yella, red-boned, and blue-black just to name a few.  Colorism is just as persistent and insidious as racism (whether folks want to think so or not) and when you add gender issues and inequities to the mix, it’s as explosive as it is depressing.  But, just as the conversation on race keeps changing, perhaps this film offers an opportunity to have a conversation on colorism.

What say you…?

Valerie Linson

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