Beyond dog whistles…

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From Bill Clinton’s remarks to Ted Kennedy (that Obama “would’ve been getting us coffee…”) to Harry Reid’s remark about Obama’s lack of a “Negro dialect” (whatever that is…) and John Edwards, John McCain, and Sarah Palin in between.  If the past week is any indication, it looks like there will be a lot of revelations and apologies from “liberals” based on the revelations made in the new book Game Change…        V. Linson

The 2010 Census is counting Negroes…

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I’ve always thought the census was important for legislative/representation issues, but I haven’t really thought about the census until, well, the last time the census was taken.  And every time it comes up, Americans (primarily people of color) question how they are being categorized.   It’s as though the categorization becomes a definition and everything the definition implies (think about how “negroes” were portrayed in the mainstream media before “black” became in vogue).  Personally I think “negro” is retro — and not in a good way (the constant use of the n-word is a bigger problem).  But this does provide yet another entry point for an interesting conversation on race…     V. Linson

Language matters…

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I really hope Micheal Steele heard himself…   From my point of view (and dare I say the view of other thinking folks) “injun” is the equivalent of the “n-word” for Native Americans.                                                 V. Linson

Tiger Woods on the cover of Vanity Fair…

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(January 5, 2010)

Wow… this story will not stop.  As I understand it, the photos in this issue were taken years ago (by Annie Leibovitz) so it seems the only winners here are the magazine and the photographer (’cause Tiger is keeping a low profile these days).

I’ve always thought Leibovitz’s work was nothing if not striking.  But artistry aside, it’s been interesting to check out the debates in the blogosphere about the issues of race and the portrayal of black men that this image represents… or not.

What say you…?

Valerie Linson, Basic Black

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